A Peek Into final Week + An update On My desires

Welcome to my weekly update put up the place I share my weekly goals every week. These goals are based (a bit) on my every year goals for 2021, with some extras thrown in depending upon the week and what other short-term dreams I have.

however first, a bit peek into final week…

Her most recent obsession is books! She loves them — and he or she leaves her mark on the library each time she goes into it! She loves to sit down and appear during the photo books on her shelf and it’s the cutest.

I discovered there have been three opened bottles of pasta sauce in the fridge this previous week. (How does that even happen??) So I iced over them with this little helper!

one among my decluttering projects become to go through the library this past week. I had accomplished this a 12 months in the past, so it didn’t need that a good deal decluttering. however I did move a number of issues around and located a tall stack of books to dispose of.

we love attending to babysit for this sweet boy — and it’s so enjoyable to look both children on the stream!

We bought snow twice in the last week — which is a good looking large deal for the Nashville area! And the youngsters have been delighted that they even bought a Snow Day and faculty became cancelled!

My fogeys and brother came to visit us for the afternoon and night on their strategy to drop my brother off at school. It was first rate to get to look them once more and to have them at our condo.

I don’t talk about politics online, however I did need to say anything concerning the events of remaining week. As I sat on Wednesday and watched the pursuits unfold on television, I felt triggered to write this prayer that I prayed over all of you Wednesday night. i needed to share it right here in hopes that it might motivate some of you.

Now, notwithstanding it feels weird to transition from that, onto the dreams…

final Week’s dreams

very own dreams

1. Log eight,000 steps/day = fifty six,000 steps for the week.

2. finish 3 books: Code name: Lise,We have been the lucky Ones, and In a ship in the center of a Lake.

three. Fill out my dependancy tracker daily.

domestic/family desires

4. examine 10 pages of A Boy’s war as a family unit. study 5 chapters of Charlotte’s net to Kierstyn.

5. Take down Christmas decor and move through Christmas decor containers — declutter and arrange.

6. entire house clean Out areas to go through/arrange/declutter: Library, leading ground bathing room, laundry room.

Work/weblog dreams

7. listing 7 movies and write content material for the 10 Days to Be a Happier mom challenge.

8. Write a put up on the books I plan to read in 2021.

9. Write a publish on how i use my addiction Tracker.

enjoyable goals

10. Go on a date with Jesse for our 18th anniversary.

eleven. Play Throw, Throw Burrito as a household (the youngsters are obsessed with this game!)

12. Take the girls on a shopping date to spend their Christmas cash.

You’ll note that this week’s desires are heavy on the work side. As I’m gearing up for the launch of my new book (it comes out in March), I have planned a couple of greater work hours in my week so that i will be able to add in the further obligations and initiatives that come along with a booklet launch.

This Week’s dreams

personal desires

1. Log eight,000 steps/day = 56,000 steps for the week.

2. finish 2 books: We were the fortunate Ones + something must alternate.

three. Fill out my dependancy tracker daily.

home/family goals

4. examine 10 pages of A Boy’s battle as a family unit. conclude reading Charlotte’s net to Kierstyn.

5. Take down Christmas decor and go through Christmas decor boxes — declutter and organize.

6. entire apartment clear Out areas to go through/prepare/declutter: Laundry room, bedside table, kitchen cabinets.

Work/weblog goals

7. finish all the content and emails for the 10 Days to Be a Happier mom challenge.

eight. Write a submit on the books I plan to read to Kierstyn in 2021.

9. Write a submit on how i exploit my addiction Tracker.

10. Put collectively particulars for my book launch group.

11. film the trailer for my publication promo.

enjoyable desires

12. Get a manicure with a pal.

What’s for your record of desires for this week? I’d like to hear — and aid hold you in charge!