My dreams for 2021

Some Reflections on 2020

I examine this photograph, I appear back on 2020 and my heart is full.

It changed into the year I learned to price community and face-to-face relationships like not ever earlier than.

It turned into the yr I begun appreciating my three older youngsters and my relationships with them greater than ever.

It turned into the yr I discovered anew that I in reality, truly like my husband and we are not only most useful friends but we make an excellent crew, too.

It become the 12 months of experiencing God’s faithfulness in a tangible means as we navigated so many unknowns and needed to just take in the future — or even one hour — at a time… and trust Him for whatever thing the longer term held.

It became the year of shaking my head in amazement on the proven fact that — after years of infertility — God gave us the reward of sweet Kierstyn Michaela. She has been the wildest shock of our lives and getting to be a company-new mom all over the place again has been any such profound gift.

It changed into the 12 months we pointed out sure to opening up our domestic and hearts to a precious, tiny preemie boy who has perpetually changed our lives.

It was the year of brilliant grief and loss as we stated goodbye to this boy who captured each of our hearts on the deepest level, however additionally the 12 months that we got to be a small part of redemption story with him and his mama. We wouldn’t alternate that for all of the world!

It was the year I took my first-ever 6-week maternity leave — after which ended up figuring out to cut approach again on my work hours and obligations when it became carried out… and it’s been so dazzling to realize that I in fact don’t discover my worth in my work (some thing that has been considered one of my biggest life struggles).

2020 challenged lots of my core beliefs. lots of what continually fills my time become stripped away. And in the stillness and the quiet, within the unknowns, in all of the weirdness of the 12 months, in all the consistent changes, within the multitude of cancellations, within the usaand downs and highs and lows, I bought to cling to Jesus like on no account earlier than. and i discovered yet once more that he is enough.

On the difficult days and the respectable days, in the grief and the gratitude, He was and he is and He should be faithful.

Why I Didn’t Set yearly dreams final yr

In 2020, as a result of I knew i was going to be writing a publication and having a child and sure fostering another baby or more, I determined in opposition t setting yearly dreams and simply set weekly dreams as an alternative.

Little did all of us dream what 2020 was going to hang! I seem to be again and am so thankful I didn’t set large every year desires because i’d have likely not been capable of accomplish a couple of them.

I had concept that i might continue on with simply doing weekly desires in 2021 because there are nonetheless so many unknowns on the earth. youngsters, the greater that i assumed about it, the extra that I felt like atmosphere some desires — commonly around issues that could actually be lifestyles-giving (similar to lots of analyzing!) and household time, can be motivational to me and could be just the hearth under me i need presently in my lifestyles.

I’m nonetheless planning to smash these down into weekly goals, which I plan to update right here every week.

My dreams for 2021

You’ll word that my goal record is shorter than common and that my desires are less complicated. I consider this is the ideal stability of motivating me in the season of lifestyles I’m in whereas additionally no longer atmosphere me up for pushing too tough or exhausting myself in the system.

Plus, I are looking to allow a whole lot of wiggle room in my time table and calendar and on my every day to do list for being in a position to live out my phrase for the 12 months: show Up.

I’ve damaged these desires up into the 4 areas of precedence in my existence presently:


1. move through all of the She Reads fact reviews for the year. (Jesse and that i determined to sign in to move through these once more this yr — after taking a ruin for a couple of years. I’m so excited!)

2. finish three books every week. (on the conclusion of the year, my goal is to have accomplished: fifty two audiobooks, fifty two fiction books, and 52 non-fiction books. i know that this aim is a little audacious, however it excites me, so I’m just going for it! I’ll be sharing my checklist of books I plan to examine next week!)

three. Fill out my habit tracker a week. (This concept turned into whatever thing I discovered a number of months in the past from Atomic Habits and it has made such a change for me. I bought out of the dependancy and wish to get returned to it! in case you are interested in me sharing more about this, let me know and i’ll try to put collectively a submit about it.)

four. eight,000 steps a day = 56,000 steps/week. (I track my steps every day with my FitBit Alta HR.)

5. comprehensive at least 1 craft per month. (I plan to use probably the most craft kits that I’ve gotten from Annie’s artistic women’ club and Annie’s creative woman Craft club. because so a lot of you purchased the mind-blowing deals I posted from them, they signed me up for both subscriptions as a thanks! whereas crafting is not whatever thing I’m basically gifted at, I discover that it is enjoyable for me and some thing that challenges artistic components of my mind that I don’t use very frequently!)


5. Have a monthly date with each of the three older youngsters. (I’m planning on having the children help me come to a decision what they’d care to do each month. i love putting out with my children and i cherish our time collectively even more as they become older.)

6. examine 5 books aloud as a family unit. (After taking a ruin from reading aloud for a number of years, we brought it lower back this past year and complete a number of books collectively. I’m committing to do a little more of it this coming 12 months — in spite of the fact that it’s just a few pages from a book a few times per week.)

7. examine 12 chapter books aloud to Kierstyn. (I’ve been studying a chapter from a basic babies’s e-book + a chapter from the Bible each morning whereas I nurse her. whereas she’s nonetheless little and a lot of it’s over her head, i really like to establish this habit when my youngsters are tiny in order that it turns into a crucial a part of their family unit lifestyle for the most early life of their existence. Plus, it’s fun for me! I’ll be sharing the listing of books I plan to study aloud to her next week.)


8. Have a month-to-month date with Jesse. (whereas we hope to every so often get an genuine date nighttime out, because we is frequently announcing sure to one more foster care placement quickly, we plan to at least do one Date evening in a container equipment at domestic every month — even though we will’t get out for a true date every month).


9. Launch my new publication, Love-established Parenting. (It launches March 16, so the next few months a large element of my online time may be focused on media interviews and promotional stuff. I’ve certainly not been more excited a few book launch!!)

10. decide on the theme for my subsequent e-book. (I signed a three-book contract with Bethany house in 2019 and we now have some viable topics for the next two books, but i needed to attend unless I had launched the primary e-book to nail them down. but i need to have the subject and premise for the next ebook finalized through the end of 2021 and then plan to jot down it in 2022.)

There you have got it! My 10 desires for 2021. I’ll maintain you posted on how things go together with my weekly aim check-ins. 2021: let’s try this!!

Did you set dreams for 2021? if so, I’d love to hear what they are!

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